Writing and Depression

It has been a long time since I have blogged, or written anything, really. See, I suffer from depression and it’s often hard for me to find any words to say. I used to at least write poetry. But it seems that in the last couple years even poetry doesn’t work for me. I take antidepressants and I feel it stills my creativity. But if I didn’t take them, I wouldn’t be able to function.

Lately, I have been fighting this lack of writing by signing up for a writing class. So far, it is slow going and the ideas aren’t exactly flowing. I feel stunted and flat. This struggle is real, yet I will keep trying.

Depression is like a deep, dark hole that my mind and body gets sucked into, like a time warp where nothing else exists. That’s without medication. But even with it, it’s hard to do simple things, like prepare food and clean the house. I keep my life pretty simple, try not to add a lot of stress to my day. I am part of an online support group. It helps to be able to talk to people who are going through this.


Left Behind

​Try as I might 

I cannot fight

This feeling of a broken heart 

Lost to distance,  torn apart 

Struggling through the days 

Trapped in so many ways 

Memories on fire

Striking chords on the wire

Wishing to embrace 

Longing to see your face

No longer to delight 

In your presence, your sight

Nor to experience your beloved eccentricity 

In effect, to be absent entirely 

I stare at the world out there

Strangers without a care

And miss the beauty I left behind.


You come around
With all your sweet lies
And I accept them
In between sighs
Knowing that I
Will have to fortify
Against them and you
Since I am aware
You are untrue
In some fashion
For how am I to believe?
When you do not receive
When I am presented to you?
You instead provide passable regard
One would provide an estranged friend
Little affection or love’s reward
Why should we not end?

Spun Like Cotton Candy

You just turned around and walked away,
And my mind spun like cotton candy,
Hearing the words of yesterday,
My heart broke just a little bit more,
And it became a
A lot more torn.
The tears that arose, from these blue eyes,
Have long since tired of everyone’s lies.
Of all insincere gestures and long goodbyes.
Once patient, this heart is weary of worn out words…
Please, tell me really…
Why did you leave?
I needed you.

Make it To Me – Sam Smith

 My mind runs away to you
With the thought I hope you’ll see
Can’t see where it’s wandered to
But I know where it wants to be
I’m waiting patiently though time is moving slow
I have one vacancy and I wanted you to know that
You’re the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete
I know you’re out there we’re meant to be
So keep your head up and make it to me
And make it to me
So sick of this lonely air
It seems such a waste of breath
So much that I need to say
So much to get off my chest
I’m waiting patiently though time is moving slow
I have one vacancy and I wanted you to know that…
You’re the one designed for me
A distant stranger that I will complete
I know you’re out there we’re meant to be
So keep your head up and make it to me
Make it to me…
Make it to me…
I love you M…


In a fog, a disillusion
Long ago I thought
You were a solution
Now I just fight to relieve the pain of an illusion…
At first it was just a thrill
Devil May Care…
If you will.
But memories flood in
As they always will.
And that’s where you always get me
Those steely blue eyes…
Strong, sinewy arms that warm me at night.
No one else will really do.

A Violet Fancy now available on Kindle Unlimited

I am very pleased to announce that my short story collection, A Violet Fancy, is now available on Kindle Unlimited.

Over a decade, Violet Yates has written and compiled numerous short stories and a novella. Her fiction stories deal with life issues such as relationships, medieval women, modern women, hardship, love, marriage, abuse, infidelity, betrayal, sex, childhood memories and lessons to teens based on experiences. These stories contain life and vibrancy, and it is Violet’s hope that you will not only enjoy them, but gain something from them.


… I could stand some more friendly faces. Tired of this drought. Sick of being put through the paces. Of asking for love and it all coming to nought… of no give and only take, feeling no love and only hate. Jealousy is no indication of affection, only disrespect. So I say this with no ill intention, you hold in me no sort of regard.

How Many Times?

How many times
Will my soul need healing?
How many times
Do I get to kneeling?
Hear you’ve long ago lost all feeling?
And there’s no chance left
For me
Because of someone
Who left you
Long ago destitute…
Sad and blue…

Well that’s just not fair.
Your disregard shows.
So I sink into despair
We use a fool’s tools
Who follows fool’s rules
And level the playing field
As we yield to the other’s idiocy

But I still recall,
The days we met
How can I forget?
Braces, acne… fresh, sunny smiles
You and all your cunning wiles…
Then I did love you.
Although I did not know it yet…
Then I did fall.