Just Don’t Give Up

About ten years ago, I began writing fiction. I had a baby girl at the time, as well as a full-time job, but I wrote whenever I had time. I made time. I thought I was a great writer.

Then I started submitting my first manuscript to publishers and agents. The rejection letters began piling up. So I decided to go back to college, in part to learn how to write. Even then, I thought I was a good writer. Perhaps I was, but I wasn’t polished. One of my first university-level English classes proved that right away. I received my first assignment, and did what I always did- wrote what I wanted to write. I got a D.

I went to my professor and complained that I obviously didn’t deserve a D. People were always telling me I was a great writer- how could this happen? Simple. I didn’t understand the basic rules of writing, because I hadn’t finished high school, and the community college I’d transferred my grades from didn’t teach advanced English writing.

During my years at SUNY Albany, I learned how to write, and write well. I wrote prolifically; I have a huge folder full of short stories, poetry, and a few novels on my computer, as well as numerous papers and essays. I plan on publishing most of this work.

Then I suffered writer’s block. I had some personal problems in my life. I went through a divorce. I stopped writing for a long time. In recent years, I’ve been blogging. A lot. Only in the past year or so have I begun to dust off the shelves and consider publishing again.

If you’re a writer and your dream is to write and sell your books, don’t give up. It may take a long time, but as long as you’re trying, you will eventually achieve your dreams.


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