Review of “Excuse Me, Where is the Exit?” by Stella Deleuze

I loved this book! The writer uses the 2nd person point of view to put the reader into the character’s shoes and it works. Women who are reading can identify with the main character in these cute stories. What woman hasn’t gone shopping for clothing only to find that nothing looks good or fits right, then finally finds the right fit after numerous attempts, only to have something else snag her? Who hasn’t planned a shopping trip, only to have the realities of life interrupt throughout the trip?

I especially loved the story about starting a blog, since I myself have just recently begun blogging. For those who aren’t technologically smart, it can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to dressing up the place to make it look attractive. You have an idea in your head, but just maybe that idea is hard to achieve without technical know-how.

Good job, Stella! I look forward to reading No Wings Attached!

If you’d like to read Stella’s hilarious book, click here.


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