Jesus the Promise

The Father said to Son
It is time, we must take action
For if we wait, more will be lost.
I am aggrieved, too high will be the cost.
So it was that Jesus, Light of the World,
Born of a virgin, his story unfurled.
Yeshua HaMashiach.
Through teachings and healings people were in awe,
yet there were others who didn’t like it, Jesus foresaw.
The most important things Jesus taught about was LOVE.
And what waited for us in Heaven up above.
He also told people about mercy, kindness and sharing.
Performed miracles and people learned about caring.
When Jesus was ready, he let the authorities take him,
His disciples wept, feeling grim.
It was for the sin of the world Jesus must die.
That whomever believed in Him, payment of sin did not apply.
In Judea, Jesus was crucified,
But three days later, rose again, disciples mystified.
He gave us all the Holy Spirit and a Mission.
Go into all the earth and spread my word.
And a promise: I will come again soon.


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