I am not Anon

I may shift to posting non-poetry to another blog, because I am not anonymous here. I still need to vent away from social media and it has come to my attention that a person was viewing my Facebook profile last year when I never dreamed she’d have access to it, it being private. It has occurred to me that she could easily read what I post here, because my name is on this blog, and I’m not going to change that because my books are linked here.

It is quite sad, however, I feel a bit violated, as my Facebook is and was private and must have been accessed through a ‘friend’s’ account. This is really a hard point because I must weigh how much to share on my blog at all times against what is too much. I stopped sharing anything personal at all on Facebook a long time ago because things always had a way of getting back to me, or I’d see others posting comments that I’d take personally such as, “Too much drama, people should stop whining on Facebook and go see a therapist.” Hence, I blog. I usually stick to poetry, however, because it allows me to vent without giving too much information about me away. This sort of thing is why. Anyone can enter my name and Hawaii into a search engine and find me here.

All I wish to say about this person is I wish her luck and don’t jump to conclusions. Just because you read what you did, it didn’t mean what you thought it meant.  I have empathy. If you want to, you can talk to me. I can keep a confidence.

I will continue to post poetry. 🙂


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