Honolulu Visit to Doctor

I went to Honolulu yesterday to see my doctor. As is usual these days, long trips make me physically ill. The last time I went was in December and I picked up the flu virus at Queen’s Medical Center and was sick for days following my trip. When my primary doctor told me I would need to go again, I cringed. She doesn’t know what these trips do to me. I do. I understand the necessity for them, however.

When my plane landed I decided I’d buy some postcards to send to my daughter in NY, so she could see what Waikiki and Honolulu looked like. I knew my opportunities for taking pictures would be limited, as I would not be driving myself around the city. I had about five minutes to do this before my medical transport driver called looking for me.

I arrived about two hours early at Queen’s, so I walked around for a few blocks and took some pictures of the area. I don’t really know Honolulu but after asking questions I discovered I was across the street from the State Capitol. I thought the facade of the building looked similar to SUNY Albany’s exterior.

I was out of breath and felt like a brick had been placed on my chest by the time I arrived back at Queen’s 45 minutes later for my appointment. I was also faint and depending on whether I stood or sat, my breathing became worse or better. My doctor came in and we talked. I told him how I was feeling lately and how I felt just then, about recent symptoms. He told me he wants me to see a heart specialist because he’s concerned that a simple 45 minute walk would have such an affect on me. So I will be going back to Queen’s sooner than I thought.

I returned to the airport and was out of breath and out of sorts, in pain and exhausted. By the time I arrived home, I was beyond tired and worried about my health. There are a few things I need to change in my life, and some seem to be insurmountable. I hope I can do them because I am too young to have a heart attack. I would appreciate any and all prayers.


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