I like this song. I believe in Jesus Christ but I like what Ozzy has to say. Not every person, even Christians, are absolutely 100% positive day in and day out. I find myself falling into sadness a lot. I don’t believe that means that I am any less faithful, but that I am human. I see things in life that bring me to my knees, that makes me feel like humanity is so lost. I hear of things that are heartbreaking. I have experienced such depression in my life, mind-breaking trauma and still I press on. I love Jesus Christ more than anything, and appreciate the sacrifice he has made all the more for having experienced the true depravity of what man is capable of. If He can love us, we ought to love one another.

Imagine all the people in the world who need love. Imagine there is a heaven. Imagine there was no strife or argument about that. No religion, just God. This is the life promised to us. Forever.


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