What a Life to be Had

Trying so hard to figure you out

Filled with all kinds of insecurity and doubt

Don’t you know you’re all, you’re it, my world

You’re my muse, my everything, poetry unfurled

Love like nothing ever sung

Like no award ever hung

Writing in indigo

You stand so tall to me, a love I would never forgo

I’m feeling so poorly, I often can’t breathe,

I didn’t want you to worry, but why do I feel as if you seethe?

Seek me, find me, all I ask.

Are you up for the task?

My heart, it feels broken, like a stone weighted down,

Drowning in the depths of a deep ocean sound.

Distance too far to measure, I can’t swim so I sink,

I can’t sprout wings, I feel as if I’m on the brink.

I feel this deep shooting pain, oh what a cost!

Coughing, I cry out for a life that was lost.

See you, I must, as I foresee my demise.

‘No forwarded address, deceased, please advise.’

She died alone, poor woman, so sad.

We’d see her crying often, alone, what a life to be had.




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