Monday Musings: The tropes that trouble me

Monday Musings: The tropes that trouble me.

I agree with Mr. Bury. Too many authors attempt to emulate Tolkien and Lewis. The thing is, a good writer ought to be able to create their own world and pull it off. A good story is not dependent on someone being able to recognize a world in which a reader finds oneself in. The best stories I’ve ever read were just that because no one had ever written about it yet. For example, Lewis’ Space Trilogy. The first two books in this trilogy are about man visiting planets never before touched by humans. I fell in love with Perelandra, the drifting islands, the descriptions of the fruit, the innocence of the inhabitants. It was this originality that made it so unique. Had Lewis written a novel about something that took place in, say, Arthur’s Briton, sure, I would have liked it, but probably not as much. Perelandra remains one of the best novels ever written, in my book. Not because Lewis wrote it, but because he took the time to create an entirely different world no one else had ever created.

So instead of creating a fantasy novel set in Britain or the UK, delve deep into your imagination and create something truly unique. I am working on doing just that right now. 🙂 Happy writing!


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