Missing In Maui- Carly “Charli” Joann Scott

Please READ & Repost, retweet, etc! Thanks! 27 year old pregnant Charli Scott vanished from Maui on February 9th, 2014. Her case was ruled a homicide not 4 weeks later. Currently, in Hawaii, we don’t have laws in place to protect an unborn child whose life is taken by another. In Hawaii, the First Degree murder law is very specific and hard to apply to even the most heinous crimes. Rights for the families of the missing need to be more clear cut in order to protect the missing while they are being searched for. There are other numerous other states where laws and bills need to be worked on as well. Currently, the family of Charli is working on the wording of a bill similar to that of Laci and Conner’s Law (Peterson) that would protect the unborn here in the State of Hawaii. You might think, this doesn’t apply to me, I’ll skip this link and decide not to click. But the more people who are aware, the more who get involved, the more can be done. This isn’t just a state-wide issue, it’s a national issue, indeed an international issue. No one, I mean NO ONE, has the right to take another person’s life. No one has the right to take the life of a pregnant woman, and therefore cause the death of an infant. No punishment less than first degree murder and life imprisonment will suffice.
Please click on the link and watch. It’s only $1.99. Or you can go to Amazon and purchase it there. Hear their story. I guarantee your heart will be forever changed.
If you know anything, or think you might, please call Maui Police Department. 808-242-6966 or toll free 888-242-6966
Or you can call the Maui Tip Line at 808-244-6400.

Aloha & Mahalo!



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