How to Utilize Twitter? Advice Needed!

Okay. I must be doing something wrong with Twitter. I am losing followers. I went back on Twitter after years of not using it because I wanted to use it as an additional tool to market my writing (particularly my blog). Every time I write a blog, an automatic tweet is posted with a link. So it’s good for me to use Twitter. But I am currently following over 1000 people and I have over 700 people following me. I joined unfollow to send out an automatic message so people don’t feel neglected if I don’t send a message, because honestly? I can’t keep up with 50+ followers added a week. I do go through my new followers, because a lot of them are publishers, agents, magazines and writers, so I want to follow them back. But I can’t really keep up with them! I can on Facebook though. What gives? Is it the format that I’m finding challenging? Maybe. My feed on Twitter moves so fast my head spins. I also find the good posts to be drowned out by things that aren’t so interesting… like, who cares about the top ten sex toys favored by men? Yikes! Sigh. I’ll get the hang of it I suppose. Any tips? If you have any advice, please comment below. Many mahalos (thanks)!


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