Don’t Ever Wanna Miss You

Still can hardly endeavor to believe
You’re right here beside me
Smilin and holding me close
I wanna fold you into forever

Dreamt of you through my tears
All those years
Something about you
Heals what’s broken in me

No longer standing still
I love and I feel
You and me, we are real
Don’t ever wanna miss you…



Unspoken words hang still in the air

The breath catches in my throat

Life, it seems, is never fair

Like a silent movie, it plays out til the bitter end

Regardless of dreams, wishes and cares


Emotions broil near the surface

Time… running into turmoil

Why is life such a complicated mess?

Can’t we just hold each other into the night?


I just love you and Love is worth the fight

I want you to stay and never take flight

Love me, my soul, all in due time

We are worth the climb.

The Drums – Down by the Water

I was reading a gal’s blog and she recommended this band, The Drums, an Indie Pop band from Brooklyn, N.Y., so I decided to check them out (also check out Phoenix, French alternative rock band, pretty cool stuff).  I was listening it with my boyfriend (decided to call him this because he calls me his ‘girl’ and calling him my ‘boy’ would sound weird, ‘man’ would be too possessive and so for lack of a more mature term, boyfriend it is…) and thought that  their ballad, Down by the Water, was just awesome.

Here it is:


Epic Love

On an ebb of a strong current

Like two virile seeds journeyed

Implanting, growing

To opposite shores they went.


Through a kaleidoscope motif of dreams

They grew, knew the seasons of life

Never forgetting that stream

Kindred spirits, lost leaves


Time isn’t always tolerant

Ease the throb of aberration

Banish the shade of desolation



Gazing at a visage

Memory imprinted, seared.

Humor and laughter: Epic Love.

Whimsical. ❤