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Don’t Have a Clue

I cannot remain in this depressed state.
Once I believed in the hands of fate.
But lately it all just seems so wrong.
I feel like no matter what, I don’t belong.
Anywhere I try to fit,
Why do you all expect such per-fec-tion?
I’m only me, God’s lowly creation.
I haven’t even begun to live,
Without the confines and pre-requisites  which you give.
Don’t you see?
It’s all an illusion…
Brought about by a human drive…
I am not she…
Nor will I ever be.
I am ME.


My thoughts on ‘The Interview’

Everyone really ought to watch The Interview, not for the obvious message, which is comical in nature, but for the deeper message. Satire has been used historically by comedians not just for comic relief, but to show the problems that are inherent in the system, such as Monty Python’s films that depict oppression of the common man by leaders who have no empathy or compassion for them. Indeed, these leaders keep their people down by psychological means as well as financial. So if you watch this film, remember there is more to it than meets the eye and that is why North Korea is so angry.

N. Korea Blames U.S. for Internet Shutdown, Hurls Racist Comment Toward Obama

By the way, I loved the Eminem jokes and the Lord of the Ring content. No spoilers other than that.

Now for something funny:

If Love Now Reigned

If Love Now Reigned
You would be here now
If only the world loved one another
Your goodness and grace could have withstood anything
When you went, our hearts cried
The Heavens opened and the floodgates of my eyes broke
Parts of me died
Left behind

If Love Now Reigned
The Light would swallow up the dark
No more heart ache
No missing you
If love now reigned
The word lonely would be obsolete
If love now reigned
We would be complete

Now not healed
Yet no longer broken
I am okay day to day
But I get emotional
Full sore at the mention of your name
The heartache it subsides sometimes
But nothing ever really stops the pain…

If Love Now Reigned
Love would swallow all the hate
No more would we ever have to love in vain…
Never would we hide our tears…
Hide our tears…
If only love now reigned…

IMG00567-20120815-1657 IMG00545-20120815-1645 joni n monique joni4

For Joni, I love you and miss you, on your 44th birthday. You are sorely missed. Love always, your sister, Violet Yates

Please read and follow my niece’s blog

I lost my sister 2.5 years ago to fate that no one would wish on anyone- it is so hard to digest that anyone would take their own life. I have had my own emotional ups and downs in my life and have gone down that dark rabbit hole too many times myself. But experiencing the kind of pain of being left behind causes a person to really go through so much turmoil and rejection. The question of “why?” is always there. And in our case, there will always be a question of, “was it really suicide?” Click below to read my niece’s heart-moving words.




I am the girl with the almond shaped eyes,

Hue often as blue as the fairest of skies,

Deeper at other times than the most unfathomable seas,

Dreaming of Neverland, on the way to Middle Earth,

Endless castles, moats, lands of Faeries,

of Tir Na Nog, Eyre & Avalon, of Hope, Distant Star.

In my heart, No matter near or far,

Love & a little pixie dust.

Thinking of all of you this Christmas. Much Love & Aloha. May God’s Blessings Rain Down Upon You.