Homeless In Hawaii

Homeless in Hawaii

Do any of you care?
Those who are on the streets in Hawaii
There are many families…
You tuck your babies in at night…
Knowing they’ll be alright…
Checking the closet and under the bed for monsters there
Stilling their fright.
What of the babies with no beds for the night?
What of real-life monsters?

You don’t understand, how can you?
You’ve never had to walk in their shoe…
But maybe there is something…
You can collectively do.
Speak up!

You blame the drunk and addict with ease…
Have you forgotten, addiction is a mental dis-ease?
I know it makes you uncomfortable to see…
What some of you’ve got hidden on your family tree…

Disregard the sins of society…
Homelessness is a social malady.
Preventable by the few, ignored by the many.

Billions of dollars go up in smoke,
That wasteful rail project?
Is it worth going broke?
We can’t even feed, clothe and house our Ohanas.
What a joke.

One day we shall all be called to account.
Is this the reward on the wall you will mount?


3 thoughts on “Homeless In Hawaii

  1. A. L. Luttrell says:

    You did what you probably intended; made me think. Beautifully put poem, but sad too….. and I don’t mean that disrespectfully. You are very good. I have never been homeless, but went through a divorce once where leaving was better than staying even though I had no where to go. Sleap in my car for a few days until friends found out. Good to have friends. But I know what it feels like to believe you have nowhere to go, sometimes because you have too much pride to ask for help. I would like to read more from you.

    • Violet Yates says:

      Thank you for your kind words. This is a deeply personal issue for me, but it is also a worldwide issue that needs addressing. People need other people who are willing to say, “Hey, this isn’t okay, not anymore,” and stand up. Aloha!

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