How Many Times?

How many times
Will my soul need healing?
How many times
Do I get to kneeling?
Hear you’ve long ago lost all feeling?
And there’s no chance left
For me
Because of someone
Who left you
Long ago destitute…
Sad and blue…

Well that’s just not fair.
Your disregard shows.
So I sink into despair
We use a fool’s tools
Who follows fool’s rules
And level the playing field
As we yield to the other’s idiocy

But I still recall,
The days we met
How can I forget?
Braces, acne… fresh, sunny smiles
You and all your cunning wiles…
Then I did love you.
Although I did not know it yet…
Then I did fall.


Echoes, My Friend, Outside the Wind Blows, Never Love Again…


Your laughter echoes, in the back of my mind, like a dream
Like a cascading waterfall, tumbling down, tickling my memory
It’s just a memory
It stagnates inside,
Stifles me.

My Friend

I had a friend…
I seem to have misplaced
A friend, a love, to me
Can you help me find him?
He disappeared, you see
I might have said something
That caused him to flee
Yet how can I ever know
How can I possibly see
If he will not talk to me?

Outside the Wind Blows

Outside the wind blows
Inside I’m missing you
and nobody knows
I can hear the beating of my heart
whispering silently inside
wishing we weren’t apart
so I deny
and tell myself it must be something else
But why, why?
something else must be making my heart feel this pain
After all, how can I feel it
When it is in vain?
the chimes play a melody so clear
why can’t i
Feel as well as hear
my true feelings
without the things that interfere?
Oh why…
There is no end
Only a beginning
Words are constrained for fear to offend
Just block the feelings that threaten to consume me
Dreamt of you all last night
Why doesn’t the import of your existence to me cause you to see?
Look inside
I’ve begged you
What is the most painful is what I hide.

Never Love Again

If I could wrap my arms around you
I’d thank the moon, the sun, the stars
I’d never forsake you
Never would I go far

This endless ache
This never-ending love
Will it never end?
If I could lay
In your arms
Find peace within me

I loved
More than God
The moon
The stars
The earth
The heavens
Grass on the ground, birds in the trees…

I desire
No more empty faces
No more endless nights
No more haunting dreams
Of what shall never be

My heart!
I will not die
Of a broken heart
I will live on
Yet without you
I will live thus:

Without love.

For I cannot love
That way
Ever Again

And to love
Any other way
It is a fallacy…a fraud

So I shall be true
To my heart
And never love again.

* Excerpts from

Word Prisms

Sometimes I can’t shut down my brain

And the rhymes, they come in waves

Begging to be let out

Often it is more of a scream

Or a clear shout

Lately it’s been driving me insane

You’re my treasure, my pleasure…

In full measure

O baby, even now

You interrupt my ink

I only want to stop the rain

Just for a time, so I can think!

My mind is on its own blink…

Dancing amongst word prisms

Skipping to the crimson throb of my own rhythm…

I’m bleeding from within…


Everybody is busy trying
To shut out the night
Flooding their senses
Images, visages, fighting off demons…
Even of their own making…
Or flying in from the universe
Preying on the innocent…
They know not…
Or do… they?
Flitting about,
Like gold-winged bats.
Noted spiraling down.
Blue sky,  cotton-ball clouds,
Flute, violin,  bass, play them for me now.
Lost in your constant high,
Strum me like a lute.
I respond only to you.
Heavenly tune,
You’re overdue.



I am the girl with the almond shaped eyes,

Hue often as blue as the fairest of skies,

Deeper at other times than the most unfathomable seas,

Dreaming of Neverland, on the way to Middle Earth,

Endless castles, moats, lands of Faeries,

of Tir Na Nog, Eyre & Avalon, of Hope, Distant Star.

In my heart, No matter near or far,

Love & a little pixie dust.

Thinking of all of you this Christmas. Much Love & Aloha. May God’s Blessings Rain Down Upon You.


I miss having you as my friend,
But if I told you all of my secrets,
How soon would that end?
My heart aches not for your love,
Or The Way We Were,
But something intangible, sad, untouchable…
Not your kiss, touch or caress.
Just something simple. Unconditional. Acceptance.

Magnificent Delight

This is a little daring and different than my usual poems, but I am exploring some new techniques and material. I hope you like it.

I absorb the burgeoning atmosphere that surrounds a surrealistic mango-hued sky,

How am I here, How am I?

The birds, they can take to the air and flutter about,

like winged fairies, darting, swooping here and there,

Caressing the air, until they flee danger, hearing a shout.

Yet I cannot fly, I stifle a gasp.

For a fiend has slinked and slithered in from the umbra,

His magnificent, eternal eyes foretold of his evil agenda.

I close down, wearing a mask, defenseless.

The forest, teeming with creatures all around, speaks in beastly whispers.

The ritual begins, the sun a golden pearl cradled under the sea.

She lies, ignorant in unknown ecstasy,

As the horned beast closes in, antlers high,

He has conquered, her innocence dies.

Then forbidden, now desired. Dominance. She now indulges in His eminence, the imminence of danger a delight

Epic Love

On an ebb of a strong current

Like two virile seeds journeyed

Implanting, growing

To opposite shores they went.


Through a kaleidoscope motif of dreams

They grew, knew the seasons of life

Never forgetting that stream

Kindred spirits, lost leaves


Time isn’t always tolerant

Ease the throb of aberration

Banish the shade of desolation



Gazing at a visage

Memory imprinted, seared.

Humor and laughter: Epic Love.

Whimsical. ❤

The Hunt

In a state of ecstacy
I succumb to your will
Oh you’ve taken a hold of me
Beguile me all the while
Dip your fingers, soft as a petal-sweet pomegranate

I’ve fallen, my love, oh lover you make me weak
And it’s your body on fire I do seek
Your heart, oh baby, your heart I already keep

The pleasure so surreal you ignite me
Like a lusty stag on the hunt
Your horns taut and ready
Alert you catch my scent
I cry out like a doe falling
Youthful vigor, invites, incites
Piercing like a sharp steel blade
How our love was made


I’ve fallen, my love, oh lover you make me weak
And it’s your body on fire I do seek
Your heart baby, oh baby, your heart I already keep

Clutching your shoulders I die a little death
I cry out, beseeching, love me, my soul
For you, I am speechless, I lose my breath
I have never felt so whole
Undulating, whispers, spoken yesteryear
Your love I will not forego
Motivates me, create, my muse you make
Trailing stars erupting with magma in the magenta sky


I’ve fallen, my love, oh lover you make me weak
And it’s your body on fire I do seek
Your heart baby, oh baby, your heart I already keep

I’ve fallen… on fire… oh oh ohhh…