Don’t Ever Wanna Miss You

Still can hardly endeavor to believe
You’re right here beside me
Smilin and holding me close
I wanna fold you into forever

Dreamt of you through my tears
All those years
Something about you
Heals what’s broken in me

No longer standing still
I love and I feel
You and me, we are real
Don’t ever wanna miss you…


The One Who Got Away

Today was the day! After so long, I would finally lay eyes on the person I wanted to see the most. I thought of all the things I wanted to say and do, scanning my brain for anything I’d left out. I was very nervous. It had been three years since I’d laid eyes on him, and there were so many things that could go wrong.

I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower, pulling a scrunchie from my tangled blonde hair on the way. I examined my tanned face in the mirror, satisfied with the reflection peering back at me.  Too many freckles, though, I sighed to myself.

The shower nozzle spat hot water out of it and I bolted away in surprise. No matter how many times it happened, it always shocked me. I adjusted the temperature a bit until I was satisfied, then shampooed and conditioned my hair, washed up really well and shaved. Once rinsed, I stepped out and yanked a furry pink towel from the bar in the bathroom, sniffing it first.

“Mmm, clean,” I said, smelling the fresh Bounce scent, which is the only Fabric softener I will use.

I toweled off my hair and brushed it out as best I could, then hung the towel back up, never one to let towels sit around the house. Then I walked back to my bedroom and yanked open the bottom drawer of my dresser, grabbing a few pairs of shorts. I settled on a pair I hadn’t been able to wear in a few years. They were tight but they fit, and I was very happy with that fact. Then I opened the top drawer and found a nice white bra that I just purchased, and a brand new pair of underwear. I just needed a shirt. I found that in the third drawer down. It was black and green and had a bamboo style print on it, it was lacy on the edges and classy. I thought it looked really nice on me and made my eyes, which were blue, stand out.

Back in the bathroom, I took out my small bag of makeup and started applying eyeliner, lipstick and eyeshadow. Then I added some blush and mascara. I wasn’t one to ever go too heavy, but I liked a little color, and today was a special today. Today, I’d finally be able to talk to him. To the ‘one who got away.’

I think everybody has had someone like that in their life. You know: the one who moved away before you could see where things would go, or you weren’t available, or you moved away, etc. Well, I had one. A few weeks ago I told him I had feelings for him still. Now he was coming down to talk to me.

I reached under the sink for my hair dryer, plugged it in and started drying my hair. After a few minutes, I was done. Ready. I went into the living room of my apartment and snatched up my cellphone. On it were several text messages. I opened them. My anxiety heightened a bit. Okay, I can still deal with this. I take a deep breath. As long as he’s still coming down, that’s all that matters…

It all went so horribly wrong.


This is a part of a true story, so I won’t be elaborating for now. Maybe someday…