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The Drums – Down by the Water

I was reading a gal’s blog and she recommended this band, The Drums, an Indie Pop band from Brooklyn, N.Y., so I decided to check them out (also check out Phoenix, French alternative rock band, pretty cool stuff).Β  I was listening it with my boyfriend (decided to call him this because he calls me his ‘girl’ and calling him my ‘boy’ would sound weird, ‘man’ would be too possessive and so for lack of a more mature term, boyfriend it is…) and thought thatΒ  their ballad, Down by the Water, was just awesome.

Here it is:



I was just on Facebook, browsing through my notifications. For some reason, I get alerted every time my cousin, Mindy, posts something (I think I’m stalking her! πŸ˜‰ At least, that’s the running joke). You know those posts where you can take a survey and find out what country you ought to live in, or what state you are from based on how you talk? Well this one was What Should Be Your Theme Song? Hers was A Thousand Miles, which she said was ‘perfect.’ I was just going to comment that I would probably get Miles and Miles because I’ve driven across the country so much, or I’d get some 80’s song because that would just be my luck (the only 80’s music I really like is Heavy Metal, Duran Duran and a few others, the other stuff makes me kinda crazy because, what happened??) But I decided to just take the test. Some of the questions were funny, like, “Do you see the glass half full, half empty, or “I think this is piss?” Because the water in the glasses really looked like pee. I finished the last question, which asked me to pick a lyrical line out of a list, and I picked the lyric that I thought spoke to me the most. I was then told my song was Titanium, and a video started playing. I’ve never before heard this song, and I was displeased that it was techno. I don’t really like techno. Yet I scrolled and saw the words, and they fit me perfectly. Usually, these quizzes don’t fit me. This was a special treat.

I have been through so much in my life, and to find a song that affirms that, yet doesn’t make me out to be a victim is awesome. I have been told I am a strong woman and at times I’ve struggled with that because society views women who have been ‘victims’ of domestic violence, of bullying, as forever a victim, but it’s simply not the case. We DO overcome and are stronger for it. There is a great strength in us, and there is also strength for women who are currently struggling in knowing we, who are survivors, are out here to help. Know that you can come to us and get support. Know that you are loved and welcome. Know that you are awesome. Just by being you, you have won the war. You don’t have to allow society to paint you as a victim, because you are TITANIUM. πŸ™‚

For help: the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1βˆ’800βˆ’799βˆ’7233 or TTY 1βˆ’800βˆ’787βˆ’3224.

National Sexual Assault Hotline – 1.800.656.HOPE

Here’s the song:


I like this song. I believe in Jesus Christ but I like what Ozzy has to say. Not every person, even Christians, are absolutely 100% positive day in and day out. I find myself falling into sadness a lot. I don’t believe that means that I am any less faithful, but that I am human. I see things in life that bring me to my knees, that makes me feel like humanity is so lost. I hear of things that are heartbreaking. I have experienced such depression in my life, mind-breaking trauma and still I press on. I love Jesus Christ more than anything, and appreciate the sacrifice he has made all the more for having experienced the true depravity of what man is capable of. If He can love us, we ought to love one another.

Imagine all the people in the world who need love. Imagine there is a heaven. Imagine there was no strife or argument about that. No religion, just God. This is the life promised to us. Forever.