Spun Like Cotton Candy

You just turned around and walked away,
And my mind spun like cotton candy,
Hearing the words of yesterday,
My heart broke just a little bit more,
And it became a
A lot more torn.
The tears that arose, from these blue eyes,
Have long since tired of everyone’s lies.
Of all insincere gestures and long goodbyes.
Once patient, this heart is weary of worn out words…
Please, tell me really…
Why did you leave?
I needed you.



I miss having you as my friend,
But if I told you all of my secrets,
How soon would that end?
My heart aches not for your love,
Or The Way We Were,
But something intangible, sad, untouchable…
Not your kiss, touch or caress.
Just something simple. Unconditional. Acceptance.