Violet DeLites Candles

Welcome to my candle, soap and perfume making page. I am not actively selling candles but you can contact me if you are interested, I do still have a ton of fragrances, but my finances are such that I do not have the option to fully invest in other supplies and make this a successful venture. If this changes, I will create a new website.

* If you are interesting in learning how to make candles, I have years of experience making soy candles and can give you tips and ideas.

Fragrance Descriptions

ATHENA: Inspired by the deep beauty of the Goddess — soft notes of the classics: jasmine and tuberose swirled around an already heavily floral base. Truly worthy of it’s name. Makes a fantastic night-time perfume.

APPLE JACK & PEEL : Cinnamon toasted apples with just the right balance that tart peel flavoring — less bakery like and more refreshing.

AWAPUHI SEABERRY: Fresh and deep, awapuhi (Hawaiian white ginger), a delicately smooth white flower is infused with fresh seaberry for truly exotic scent.

AQUOLINA PINK SUGAR: A playful blend of vanilla and caramel, very fresh and light. Enjoy the experience with notes of bergamot, orange, rasperry, fig leaves, lily of the valley, licorice, strawberry, red fruit cotton candy, musk and wood. A Sephora favorite.

BROWN SUGAR & FIG: An inviting warm fragrance with notes of fresh fig, cedar, coconut milk, and musk. Beautiful scent for candles and bath products. 

CARIBBEAN FRUIT: An EXCITING scent of island fun, a blend of sweet fruit nectars to DELITE your senses.

COCONUT LIME VERBENA: This scent will whisk you away to clean tropical islands. A harmonious blend of Coconut, Lime and aromatic Verbena.

LILAC:  The intense spring scent in a bottle – as though a soft breeze stirred the entire lilac bush.

LOVE SPELL: Fruity and succulent, with pineapple and grapefruit foremost. Flirty and youthful.

MANGO: The smooth tropical fruit – peachy, sweet with a hint of citrus.

MAGIC SANDS: Exotic island blend of citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla. ~ named after Kailua-Kona’s own Magic Sands Beach

LEMONGRASS SAGE: Grassy notes of lemon blended with sage to envelope the senses. Earthy yet clean. Strong for soap and soy. This is a real treat to the nose.

CHRISTMAS COTTAGE: A festive, holiday mix of spices, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg fill the cabin adorned with Christmas wreaths and trees.

ISLAND GIRL: A delicate, white flower based fragrance reminiscent of the women of Hawaii. Beautiful, seductive, unique in character, this fragrance is a composition of gardenia, tuberose, lilies softened with an intoxicating blend of softer white flowers. It dries down subtly to a base of musks and sandalwoods.

MAILE VINE LEI: From Hawaii, the fragrant, leafy maile lei is given to a loved one on special occasions. Hard to come by, the essence is captured in the fresh, cool, earthy fragrance accented with soft floral notes.

PIKAKE: The delicate fragrance of this lovely white blossom is light and sweet to the senses. Pikake Lani is Hawaiian for “Heavenly Pikake”, a fragrance that is highly valued in the islands from one of the most treasured lei flowers. We created this beautiful fragrance with heart of note, depth and authenticity in mind.

TWILIGHT: Beguiling: interpretation of the signature fragrance from the book and film series. A clean blend of lavender, freesia, and rose petals.

APPLE PEACH SPICE (limited): Spicy Apples and peaches with heady overtones of cinnamon and other yummy spices.

ALOHA (limited): Sun kissed frangipanis, plumerias, freesias straight from the tropics.


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