Excerpts from my poetry book, Lost & Found

From my published book, Lost & Found.

See You (2003)


I thought it impossible,

Not being able…

To see…


I broke down.

I realized,

I care.

You mean the world.

And when you called,

I danced…


Echoes (2004)

Your laughter echoes, in the back of my mind, like a dream,

Like a cascading waterfall, tumbling down, tickling my memory.


It’s just a memory.

It stagnates inside,

Stifles me.

This Pain (2004)

This pain…

Too excruciating.

This pain…

I told myself:

Never let yourself feel again.

So why did I?

Wanted to feel the love without the pain…


Exquisite though it may be.

Still too awful to be perceived by anyone but me.




If You Hadn’t Left Me

You used to say, Remind Me

If you hadn’t left me,

You wouldn’t live in such Misery.

Yes, perhaps you are right,

between the red, black & blue,

there would have been moments bright.

He used to say,

When he leaves you,

I’ll do you a favor,

take you back.

Thank you for your ‘generosity.’

Maybe I should be trusted.

Perhaps I can make my own decisions.

Put your guns…


I don’t want to play…