Fairy Folk

Envisioning daydreams

I usually see you

Only in my dreams


Friendly folk

What’s wrong with me?

I’ve stepped off the train…

and into someone’s fantasy…

What is real?

What is right?

Shall I linger?

I’ve been given such a fright.

But these people in this sweet mist-filled land or ire…

Shall I ever tire?

Nay, I linger still.

Pray tell my husband the Faerie King bids him a merry night!


What You’ve Never Said

An Exquisite Beauty
“Did I say that I love you?”
“Did I say that I need you?”
Oh the sound…
Of unrequited…
Of missed…
The voice, the visage.
Someone’s daughter.
I, too, someone.
Deserving.  Of.
Your eyes
What I feel
What I’ve never felt:
Unconditional love.
Let the violins play.

The Things We Keep Hidden

A man sits alone
Lacking forgiveness
From a God he considers cold
Because of self-defense
He cries out for a soul that he thinks has died.

She stands idle and wonders why
All these years have gone by
Many without a sign
Of what she should be
Doing with her life
Inside she is sinking
Tired of never-ending thinking
All because he wouldn’t give her the time

She shone bright,  child of light
Til someone evil
Did harm
Then she couldn’t stop
Putting a needle in her arm
Reality too much to stand
She wrested her hand from mine
And said, “bon voyage.”

Someone is struggling
Demons, they’re all around.

That bottle you consumed last night
That ugly fight
The one you grabbed and used to hit your wife?
Doesn’t matter if you meant it
What are you doing with your life?

What is worse?
Anger,  hatred or despair?  Incomprehensible demoralization…

Blackout night
Morning bright.
Bleak haze.
Her world spinning fast.
Everything done, said,  hellish lag…
Filled in gaps.
“Someone shoot me.  I can’t go on,” she calls out with dismay.

So she found another way.

Alone again
Years gone by
Wrestled. Battle-worn but not defeated. 
This heart does not die out.
Strong. Yes.

Gardening in Hawaii

I’ve been working on a garden for a while now, and battling bugs. After doing research, I learned about spraying the plants with a yeast, sugar and water mixture as well as using little containers with water and rocks in them for homes and water to drink for good bugs. Now waiting for ladybugs and preying mantis to come! Here, I had a visitor of the reptilian variety- a madagascar red gecko, who happily lapped up the sugar mixture.

Love is not here.

Why insist on making small talk?

It is so pained,

A soliloquy less strained.

Why can’t we all just be real?

Trust or lack thereof.

Sad the way our world has become.

No sooner do we learn to love,

Our hearts are often torn asunder.

It is no wonder,

We resort to pillage and plunder.

Our dying world beseeches us to proceed with care yet many still carry on without one.

The tree that stood with such pride now wears a crooked smile,

Its barren branches stirring little in a cold starless night,

The moon winking out of existence,

Broken beyond repair.

How will the rest of us fare?

When three little words, “I, Love, You,” are so hard to say,

Break me, make me, forsake me,

Take me.


Love is not here.

Dear M

I miss you, but will telling you that change anything? When you told me you were leaving, your face tight with distaste, I felt my dismay quickly turn to anger. Why were you really leaving? Old suspicions… Whispers… He doesn’t care… Using you. No love is there.


Then the yelling.

I am sorry.

But it is evil.


In ME.


I’m sorry baby.

You’re running, running, you’re running away again.

Silence, my only companion.

“Carpe diem!,” you say.

No tomorrow, no yesterday…

No grief?

No love?

I feel the most awful fear,

O Death, Impale me now with thy sharp spear.


I’ve been dancing forever
Spinning, spinning in circles
My mind turning, churning
Drawn ever closer to the flame, the fire burning ever more bright
Can’t you see, see the light
It’s heavy, heady in my eye
But I, I only got one night
I want to slow down, this ride, it just won’t end
I’m going to puke, pull over at the bend
Strobe lights flashing, ebbing flow
Yellow haze, blackness, people go
I awake later in a daze
Back to normal but in a fright.