Fairy Folk

Envisioning daydreams

I usually see you

Only in my dreams


Friendly folk

What’s wrong with me?

I’ve stepped off the train…

and into someone’s fantasy…

What is real?

What is right?

Shall I linger?

I’ve been given such a fright.

But these people in this sweet mist-filled land or ire…

Shall I ever tire?

Nay, I linger still.

Pray tell my husband the Faerie King bids him a merry night!


Gardening in Hawaii

I’ve been working on a garden for a while now, and battling bugs. After doing research, I learned about spraying the plants with a yeast, sugar and water mixture as well as using little containers with water and rocks in them for homes and water to drink for good bugs. Now waiting for ladybugs and preying mantis to come! Here, I had a visitor of the reptilian variety- a madagascar red gecko, who happily lapped up the sugar mixture.



I am the girl with the almond shaped eyes,

Hue often as blue as the fairest of skies,

Deeper at other times than the most unfathomable seas,

Dreaming of Neverland, on the way to Middle Earth,

Endless castles, moats, lands of Faeries,

of Tir Na Nog, Eyre & Avalon, of Hope, Distant Star.

In my heart, No matter near or far,

Love & a little pixie dust.

Thinking of all of you this Christmas. Much Love & Aloha. May God’s Blessings Rain Down Upon You.