I am the girl with the almond shaped eyes,

Hue often as blue as the fairest of skies,

Deeper at other times than the most unfathomable seas,

Dreaming of Neverland, on the way to Middle Earth,

Endless castles, moats, lands of Faeries,

of Tir Na Nog, Eyre & Avalon, of Hope, Distant Star.

In my heart, No matter near or far,

Love & a little pixie dust.

Thinking of all of you this Christmas. Much Love & Aloha. May God’s Blessings Rain Down Upon You.



Monday Musings: The tropes that trouble me

Monday Musings: The tropes that trouble me.

I agree with Mr. Bury. Too many authors attempt to emulate Tolkien and Lewis. The thing is, a good writer ought to be able to create their own world and pull it off. A good story is not dependent on someone being able to recognize a world in which a reader finds oneself in. The best stories I’ve ever read were just that because no one had ever written about it yet. For example, Lewis’ Space Trilogy. The first two books in this trilogy are about man visiting planets never before touched by humans. I fell in love with Perelandra, the drifting islands, the descriptions of the fruit, the innocence of the inhabitants. It was this originality that made it so unique. Had Lewis written a novel about something that took place in, say, Arthur’s Briton, sure, I would have liked it, but probably not as much. Perelandra remains one of the best novels ever written, in my book. Not because Lewis wrote it, but because he took the time to create an entirely different world no one else had ever created.

So instead of creating a fantasy novel set in Britain or the UK, delve deep into your imagination and create something truly unique. I am working on doing just that right now. 🙂 Happy writing!

Autobiography and Published Works of Violet Yates

Just a short bio:

A love of the English language was fostered in Violet Yates at a young age. Since the time she could first read, books were an escape to a world full of fantasy and imagination, where horses became unicorns and wings, where tornadoes picked up houses and little girls and they somehow landed in an emerald city. Having grown up in Hawaii, there was quite a bit of Hawaiian legend to be told to little Violet, as well as Chinese stories of girls and boys being born from peaches and growing from trees. She wrote her first story at age 8 and sent it into Highlights magazine, who sadly rejected it. But that did not stop her. Throughout Violet’s life, she worked at perfecting her writing, striving to achieve straight A’s in school.
While in New York in her 30’s, Her love of words led her to seek a Bachelor’s degree in English, and during those years she wrote a novel, a novella and several short stories. She went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration.
Violet loves to read, write, watch movies, listen to music and dream. She considers the Bible to be the best book ever written.
Violet has three children,a 23 year old son who is strong and wise, a 22 year old son who is handsome and makes her so proud, and a beautiful 13 year old daughter who takes after her mother a great deal.
Currently Violet lives in on the Kona Coast in Hawaii.

Link to my Published by Violet Yates Facebook Page, for information & updates on my books:

A link to my novella, Leaves of the Fall:

A link to my short story collection, A Violet Fancy:

Two short stories, Forgotten Forest of the Innocent & Learning to Drive: &

My autobiography, Leaves of the Fall:

All are only 99 cents, which is a great deal, plus you get to sample free. They are also only 99 cents on the sites listed below and easily searchable.

My short story collection is available in paperback here:

Falling into the Lord’s Hands is available in paperback here:

My books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry, Baker & Taylor (only via Blio right now), Flipkart, Oyster & Scribd. Baker & Taylor Axis 360-will be shipped soon. My books have the capability to be purchased by via Library Direct so that they would be accessible at libraries. If you have questions regarding the sites that I don’t have links for, I don’t currently know much about them but I will find out what I can if you need to know. All but Amazon are distributed through Smashwords.

Thanks! Have an awesome weekend! 🙂 ❤ 😀


So I’m finally a published author

I took the plunge and published a book of poetry, as well as a short story, this past week on Amazon and Smashwords. I am officially a published author. I was totally excited about this all week, but the fervor as dimmed somewhat.
I am a bit concerned with the fact that, as an independently published author, I don’t have a marketing department to back me up. So whatever I publish, I have to promote, and I’ve never done this before. I know of the typical things, such as writing a blog (check), letting my friends know (check), starting a thread about my books in Amazon’s discussion forums (check), and adding links to my books on all of my online profiles (check). But I am not sure what else there is I need to do. Also, I’m a bit worried that I’ll lose track of something or forget to update things, as there are so many places I have to go on a regular basis now in order to promote my book.
Being mentally ill is not helping me. Having bipolar disorder has never been more of a curse than it is now. True, my meds are helping me immensely; I would not have been able to pull it together enough to compile a book of poetry without them. But my head is feeling totally jumbled and it’s hard to focus on what I need to do. It’s not unmanageable though.
Now I have to figure out how to use this blog to drive people to my books. I guess I’ll start with the links to my book, as well as their descriptions.

Forgotten Forest of the Innocent:

On Amazon

On Smashwords

…I wrote this short story while in college as an English Undergrad, as a way to escape from the drudgery of research papers and text books. I had an idea: what if the world of fantasy and reality were to intersect? What if, say, a fairy found a telephone ringing in the forest? What would technology mean to the people who populated the fantasy world? Voila: Forgotten Forest of the Innocent was born.

FYI: 1763 words approximately

Lost & Found, a book of poetry:

On Amazon

On Smashwords

Picture this: a turbulent marriage, four years of college and post-graduate work, single motherhood, a devastating divorce, disabling illness and a debilitating addiction. Anyone else might have just given up. But Violet Yates is a fighter. Embark upon a journey with her as you read thirteen years worth of poetry that comes straight from the heart.

Now I have to figure out how to drive people to this blog! lol


Violet Yates