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I need prayer & most of all, Hope

I’m making this confession because I just came to the realization that I have lost my faith. I need Hope and prayer. This has not been an overnight process, it happened over the last year and a half I think. It makes me really sad. I really love the Lord and enjoy listening to music and even reading quotes and scripture if they’re put in front of me but do not seek it out. I miss my relationship with him. I do know that my life has been really tough and I’ve been angry a lot, holding it in, feeling like I’m being punished for slights and sins. I need to see that a light is in the end of my journey, I guess, before I’ll turn around. I need to know I’ll be okay, to have at least a few answers to my questions/prayers. I don’t need to hear negative stuff all the time either. I believe in LOVE always. For all of us. Love, Vi


I like this song. I believe in Jesus Christ but I like what Ozzy has to say. Not every person, even Christians, are absolutely 100% positive day in and day out. I find myself falling into sadness a lot. I don’t believe that means that I am any less faithful, but that I am human. I see things in life that bring me to my knees, that makes me feel like humanity is so lost. I hear of things that are heartbreaking. I have experienced such depression in my life, mind-breaking trauma and still I press on. I love Jesus Christ more than anything, and appreciate the sacrifice he has made all the more for having experienced the true depravity of what man is capable of. If He can love us, we ought to love one another.

Imagine all the people in the world who need love. Imagine there is a heaven. Imagine there was no strife or argument about that. No religion, just God. This is the life promised to us. Forever.

Review of Noah (2014)

I liked it. It wasn’t your typical ‘Christian’ movie where everything is predictable, but if you compare scripture with the second coming and our times, it is similar re: the violence of our times compared to the violence in the movie. Our world is full of violence, war, rape, murder. It was like that in a few scenes. I believe the reason Christians and christian filmmakers didn’t approve is because Christian films have expectations: no or minimal violence, even Christians portraying ‘bad guys’ are expected to only go so far, and the ending is happy (ie, someone is saved, the team wins, a marriage is saved, etc). In real life, these days, often those things don’t happen, but when they do, they are miracles. What we call God is called the Creator in the movie. There is a lot of symbolism relating to original sin, the garden, temptation, good vs. evil and who is really capable of sin (all of us). The creation story is told. There are fallen angels in the story called “The Watchers.” There is temptation and sin within the ‘innocent,’ like the garden of Eden. At one point in the movie, there is a scene similar to Abraham and Isaac on the mountain- a test of Noah… There is also hope and the ending is full of that. Although the producer took a lot of artistic license, he made a really beautiful movie, and if one can look beyond the violence, they can see what it is really about: hope for a new beginning.

Gettin’ Saved

When words form a lyric creates a chord inside my Heart

I become emotional whenever I am reminded that we’re apart

Why must you be so cold?

I am getting, I am getting too old.

The burning inside of me has already slowed to embers,

Can you really think of anyone who truly remembers?

I know you, I know you well,

I can tell, you’re going through hell,

Can we at least talk, talk it over?

When I call, when I call, am I just a bother?

It’s been so darned long,

Outside, I am not too strong.

But inside of me is a person standing tall

I will, I will not fail, I will not fall.

My body, my body may be weak,

But my soul, my soul is full of what you seek.

Meet the Author ~ Violet Yates

Hello to Everyone!

I am Violet Yates, 38 years old and born and raised in Hawaii. A recent divorcee, I live on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. I often feel as if I’ve lived several lives! I have three children, two of whom are grown. My kids are my life and my solace. I am an author of several books, short stories, essays and about 100 poems. I own more books than I could ever read, but I keep collecting more.

I lived in Upstate New York for 10 years, and during that time I went back to school and earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, as well as my Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration. During that time, I wrote prolifically and am just now starting to edit and publish a lot of it. While in New York, I worked at MetLife as an accounting representative, I co-managed a Domino’s pizza and freelanced for a bi-monthly newspaper (in addition to being their circulation clerk).

I love, love, love to read, and I have wanted to be a published author since I was eight years old, when I wrote and colored a story and sent it in as a submission to Highlights magazine for children. This was my first rejection letter, the first of many. My first real novel, Beginnings, was really rough and contrived, and it did not get published, although I still have every single rejection letter (numbering in the hundreds, I believe!). Following this total rejection, I put myself back into college, determined to become a stellar writer.

After my husband and I separated, I stopped writing much of anything for years and drowned my sorrows in alcohol. Two and a half years ago, while living in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, I got into recovery. The last two years have been a journey of self-discovery. I have published a book of poetry, “Lost & Found,” as a tribute to that journey, and to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. While the struggle was indeed awful, I learned so much from those years and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, I have just published Lost & Found (last week), as well as a short story, “Forgotten Forest of the Innocent.” I wrote Forgotten when I was in college, as an escape from the drudgery of endless papers and reading assignments. I had this thought: what if a telephone found its way into a magical forest of fairies? What would the inhabitants’ reaction be? And Forgotten Forest of the Innocent was born. It wasn’t a conventional fairy tale; rather, it was a way to explore the affects of technology on our world, good or bad.

I hope to meet many of you and make friends during our time here! Thank you for reading!

Violet Yates

* I posted this on’s Meet the Author Forum and thought it would be a good idea to post it here, as well. 🙂