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Review of Noah (2014)

I liked it. It wasn’t your typical ‘Christian’ movie where everything is predictable, but if you compare scripture with the second coming and our times, it is similar re: the violence of our times compared to the violence in the movie. Our world is full of violence, war, rape, murder. It was like that in a few scenes. I believe the reason Christians and christian filmmakers didn’t approve is because Christian films have expectations: no or minimal violence, even Christians portraying ‘bad guys’ are expected to only go so far, and the ending is happy (ie, someone is saved, the team wins, a marriage is saved, etc). In real life, these days, often those things don’t happen, but when they do, they are miracles. What we call God is called the Creator in the movie. There is a lot of symbolism relating to original sin, the garden, temptation, good vs. evil and who is really capable of sin (all of us). The creation story is told. There are fallen angels in the story called “The Watchers.” There is temptation and sin within the ‘innocent,’ like the garden of Eden. At one point in the movie, there is a scene similar to Abraham and Isaac on the mountain- a test of Noah… There is also hope and the ending is full of that. Although the producer took a lot of artistic license, he made a really beautiful movie, and if one can look beyond the violence, they can see what it is really about: hope for a new beginning.

Gettin’ Saved

When words form a lyric creates a chord inside my Heart

I become emotional whenever I am reminded that we’re apart

Why must you be so cold?

I am getting, I am getting too old.

The burning inside of me has already slowed to embers,

Can you really think of anyone who truly remembers?

I know you, I know you well,

I can tell, you’re going through hell,

Can we at least talk, talk it over?

When I call, when I call, am I just a bother?

It’s been so darned long,

Outside, I am not too strong.

But inside of me is a person standing tall

I will, I will not fail, I will not fall.

My body, my body may be weak,

But my soul, my soul is full of what you seek.

Can The Writer See Me? (via Wordsmith’s Desk)

A very beautiful post I just read. I feel others would be inspired by it. 🙂

I create a character, and the character is me; I write fiction and it's as real as can be; I can't see the writer, Can the writer see me? Writers create from different perspectives, yet the thoughts and penned words reflect, to some degree, the writer's hopes and dreams and experiences. In personal application, I find traces of myself in my writings and poems. I will write a fictional short story to emphasize a point in life and find that there i … Read More

via Wordsmith's Desk